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Tomorrow we officially open.

It looks like a hazy and drug-filled summer -- there are seventy-five claimed prompts by forty-three authors! Woot, woot! (Claiming is still open!) Remember, you have until August 31st to finish - so no pressure. If you finish all your fics, you may claim more -- this is encouraged! In the meantime, bookkeeping:

How to Post a Fic!

I know none of you are five and have posted fic before. That doesn't fix my OCD. So, just in case, just to be safe, please include the following:

Ship(s), genre, and summary should match how you claimed the posts. If you don't link us back to your journal, please lj-cut. And tag! Again, because I'm OCD you will find character, ship and genre tags already available.

List of Claimed Prompts:

  1. [Harry Potter/House] House is a Wizard, who knew? Wilson, obviously, but what about that greasy-haired man he keeps on having clandestine meetings with?

  2. House/Wilson - anamatics

  3. [AUTHOR'S CHOICE] Who comes to House's real poker night?

  4. House/Wilson; Slyar/Mohinder - arfwoogah

  5. [Buffyverse/House] Instead of going into the seminary, Chase was actually at watcher!school.

  6. Chase/Giles - awwsugah

  7. [Star Wars/House] So I was liek, omgz, why has no one crossed House with Star Wars yet? it would be teh hotness!

  8. House/Wilson - babykid528

  9. [Star Wars/House] Chase is Luke Skywalker. Wilson is Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi. Cameron is Princess Leia. House is Hans Solo. Foreman is Chewy (or Lando Calrissian). Cuddy is Jabba the Hutt. Vogler is Vader. Tritter is The Emperor.

  10. Chase/Cameron - babykid528

  11. [Wilson] Wilson gets kidnapped by ALIENZ!!! (Bonus points for a Farscape crossover: "His cousin in Australia warned him about this.")

  12. House/Wilson, Wilson/Rodney, John/Rodney - bironic

  13. [Fantasy/SciFi AU] House is a telepathic

  14. TBA - bluebuickr

  15. [Cast] Someone starts getting visions of a giant newt.

  16. TBA - bluebickr

  17. [Series of Unfortunate Events/House] House is the Baudelaire Orphans' latest guardian. Will he protect them from Count Olaf, or side with the villian?

  18. House/Cuddy - bluetooth16

  19. [Schindler's List/House] House works with Schindler to save a certain Jew. Who is Wilson. If you didn't catch that.

  20. House/Wilson - bluetooth16

  21. [South Park/House] Can the team save Kenny? Will Cartman seduce Cameron? Does Kyle find out that his real father is actually Wilson?

  22. Cameron/Cartman; Wilson/Past!SheilaBrovlowski - chibi_wiggy

  23. [Age AU] House and Wilson are 12-year-old grrlz. House is a skater, b/c he doesn't listen to any1. THis is totally true to real life, i should know.

  24. Gen - ceruleanshipper

  25. [Bible AU] A burning bush talks to House. House tells it to STFU and goes to find a pitcher of water. Then he gets pissed when he can't extinguish it, and it still won't STFU.

  26. House/Wilson - daisylily

  27. [Fantasy/SciFi AU] Prince Wilson has to be married before Winter comes, or something BAD will happen (there could be dragons). Because he is a good boy, a fairy godmother is sent to help him, but -- Hey, that's not fair! Winter is such a bad, bad person.

  28. House/Wilson, Cuddy/OC - daisylily

  29. [House] 5 tiems that House used the lollipops in the clinic for somethign he wasnt' supposed too(*winkWINK!!*)!! LOLOL

  30. House/Wilson; Foreman/Chase - daisylily

  31. [Wilson] Wilson interrupts House and Cameron's wedding with an important announcement, what could it possibly be?

  32. House/Wilson, House/Cameron - deelaundry

  33. [Cast] House and Co. are turned into plush toys! Oh noez! (stolen shamelessly from, I think, an SGA crack story)

  34. House/Wilson - drunken_hedhog

  35. [300/House] THIS... IS... PRINCE-TON. 'Nuff Said. Bogus points if you used Von Liberman. Double Bogus Points if you are ANYHOW 'historically' accurate.

  36. House/Wilson - drunken_hedhog

  37. [Cameron] Cameron accidently kills Wilson, and House exacts his revenge by killing her!

  38. House/Wilson - drunken_hedhog

  39. [Cast] HOUSE, THE MUSICAL: (Once More, With Feeling Version) House: The Musical. Scrubs did it. Buffy did it. And we all know Wilson can swing-dance with the best of them.

  40. House/Wilson - dominus_trinus

  41. [Literary/Media AU] So Wilson is the Fool to House's King Lear, huh? (Bonus points for iambic pentameter.)

  42. House/Wilson - earlwyn

  43. [Sherlock Holmes/House] A mirrors' house, a carnival, fog out of nowhere, a ripping in time and space. As a child, one of the future PPTH's doctors meet the great detective and/or his friend in circumstances that can't be easily explained.

  44. House/Wilson - earlwyn

  45. [TS Eliot/House] House in Eliot's The Waste Land. HURRY UP PLEASE IT'S TIME

  46. House/Wilson - earlwyn

  47. [Cast] A new, beautiful, smart, friendly young intern comes to PPTH and all of the guys (and some of the girls) can't keep their eyes (and other organs) off her! Will she finally melt House's bitter, icy heart with her warm and wonderful Sue-ness?

  48. OC/Everyone - faynia

  49. [Literary/Media AU] Bodice-ripper style. House is the lowly crippled stable boy and Wilson is the handsome son of a wealthy lord. Can their love survive?

  50. House/Wilson - faynia

  51. [Doctor Who/House] The Daleks invade PPTH. Bad Things result.

  52. TBA - faynia

  53. [Fantasy/SciFi AU] House is a telepathic

  54. House/Wilson - hannahrorlove

  55. [Wilson] Wilson spontaneously starts levitating and can't get down. How? Why?

  56. House/Wilson - hannahrorlove

  57. [Canon AU] House hires Wilson's "Hitler" from that one episode. She proceeds to be awesome. PLEASE SOMEONE DO THIS

  58. Gen - hobsonphile

  59. [Cast] Everyone at PPTH swaps bodies with everyone else. (House into Foreman, Wilson into Chase, Foreman into Cuddy's etc. for example.)

  60. Canonical Subtext/Gen - hobsonphile

  61. [The Sandman/House] No guidelines. Can include as many of the Endless as you want.

  62. Gen - hobsonphile

  63. [Batman Canon/House] House really hates Batman. Especially at 3:00 AM on his day off.

  64. House/Wilson, Wilson/Bruce, Batman/Nightwing - halotolerant

  65. [House & Wilson] House and Wilson are actually brothers!!1! Oh noes! But they just started their hawt man sexx0rs. How did this happen? What will they do?

  66. House/Wilson - inlaterdays

  67. [Fantasy/SciFi AU] It is the year five billion and intergalactic war rages - lucky starship captain house and his lieutenant wilson are ready to save the duckling planet from the man-eating killer rocks from outer space

  68. Gen - jerico_cacaw

  69. [Fantasy/SciFi AU] It is the year five billion BC and house and wilson and all of them are single-celled organisms... (If someone fics this particular one I will...well, I guess they can name their reward)

  70. Gen - jerico_cacaw

  71. [Mythbusters/House] Dr. Cuddy is always looking for donations, so when the Mythbusters offer a big sum to the hospital if Adam and Jamie are allowed to test some theories at PPTH, she can't say no, can she?

  72. TBA, Wilson/Jamie - karoakegal

  73. [Cast] The ducklings (past, present and future) have been keeping a diary. They shouldn't write some of the stuff they do, but hey! That's what nicknames are for.

  74. House/Wilson - prosopopeya

  75. [Cast] [Character A] is secretly a stripper in their spare time. [Character A's truluv] finds out! plz read and review!

  76. House/Wilson - prosopopeya

  77. [Cast] Cuddy, Wilson and Cameron are all vying for House's love. All three attempt to off the competition (bonus points if the murder attempts are creative/ironic).

  78. House/Wilson - lady_insanity

  79. [Vocational AU] House became a jazz pianist instead of a doctor. Whether you include the other characters is up to you.

  80. Gen - leiascully

  81. [Bible AU] House is actually Jesus and Wilson, Foreman, and Chase are his disciples. (Variation: Jesus is House; Judas is Wilson; Mary M is Cuddy; Cameron, Chase and Foreman are John, James, and Peter, respectively.)

  82. House/Wilson, House/Cuddy - leiascully

  83. [Historical AU] House and Wilson were Percy Shelley and Lord Byron in a past life.

  84. House/Wilson - leiascully

  85. [Sesame Street/House] Cookie Monster is going on vacation, and House takes over while he's away.

  86. Cameron/Alan - lifebecomesart

  87. [Random AU] Wilson grows a tail. It's scaly. House wants to know why.

  88. Wilson/Cuddy - lifebecomesart

  89. [House] House hits his head and wakes up with FAS

  90. House/Cuddy - luna_argentea

  91. [House] House walks into the clinic; the patient has tentacles. (Warning: PWP!!!)

  92. House/OFC - luna_argentea

  93. [House & Wilson] House's couch eats House and Wilson. What will they do!? :O

  94. House/Wilson - luna_argentea

  95. [Cameron] Ppl are meen to Cameron and she becomes anorexic! then ppl feel bad for her.

  96. Chase/Cameron - modernsaints

  97. [100 Years of Solitude/House] House meets 100 Years of Solitude.

  98. Cameron/Remedios the Beauty, Cameron/Foreman - modernsaints

  99. [Cast] HOUSE, THE MUSICAL: (Anything Goes Version) Wilson plays ringmaster to the circus; but only after serenading House with “Night and Day”. Will all the couples reconcile before the finale bow? [Note: All songs must be from musicals]
    House/Wilson, Chase/Cameron - mystictwilight

  100. [Blackadder 1/House] The not funny and Hugh Laurie free Blackadder is in for a real surprise when the evil Prince Greg and his loyal but conniving sidekick Wilson arrive in the kingdom.

  101. House/Wilson, Black Adder/Baldrick - petrichor_fizz

  102. [Fantasy/SciFi AU] House is turned into a nasty [beast/monster/creature] by Tritter. Only true love's kiss can break the spell!

  103. House/Everyone, House/Wilson - petrichor_fizz

  104. [MASH/House] Liek, ZOMG, Dr. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce comes to PPTH to speak and, liek, totally meets Dr. House! Because that would be sooo awesome! House/M*A*S*H goodness, yayee! (Varations: Please state whether it's Alan Alda's Hawkeye, Donald Sutherland's Hawkeye, or Book!Hawkeye.)

  105. House/Wilson; Hawkeye/BJ- petrichor_fizz

  106. [Sherlock Holmes/House] Watson thinks House is Teh Hot, and Holmes is JEALOUS.

  107. House/Wilson, House/Watson, Holmes/Watson - zulu

  108. [SGA/House] Carson Beckett dies in an absurd space incident, and they need a new doctor on board. However, the best doctor they can find-- one Gregory House-- refuses to go to an alternate universe without his best friend and his fellows!

  109. House/Wilson, House/Rodney, Wilson/John, John/Rodney - radiobroadcast

  110. [Vocational AU] House became a freelance assassin instead of a doctor. (Bonus points for a crossover with Gross Pointe Blank.)

  111. House/Wilson - radiobroadcast

  112. [Cast] Team retreat time! Cuddy forces House's team (along with Wilson) to attend one those "team building" retreats. Leasons are learned, feelings are shared, a mystery is solved?

  113. House/Wilson, Cuddy/Chase - salvationinyou

  114. [House & Wilson] House's is in a panic! Wilson and Cuddy are going to get married and have a baby! He enlists Foreman (because, Foreman's a criminal and good with this stuff!) to crash the party and break up the big day! Will they succeed? (Or will House and Foreman fall in luv!? R&R!)

  115. Wilson/Cuddy; House/Foreman - zulu

  116. [Alice in Wonderland/House] Because mushrooms are extremely symbolic in any universe.

  117. House/Wilson - radiobroadcast

  118. [Vocational AU] House and Wilson are professors at an all girls/women school or college. Yeah... you know where this is going.

  119. Wilson/Cameron, House/Chase - salvationinyou

  120. [Wilson] Wilson's first ex-wife is an ninja-spy-assassin-OMG, and she's really really good in everything she does; almost like, dunno, an Evil Mary-Sue or something like that. Because she's really really evil (I mean, she works for the Bad Guys, so that makes her EVIL, right?). Anyway, something goes wrong, really really wrong, and the only one she can go to is James Wilson, who isn't very happy to see her. Ah, and they had a child, but she has kept the kid hidden.

  121. House/Wilson; Wilson/OFC - savemoony

  122. [Venture Brothers/House] Dr. House (along with Wilson and Cuddy) and Dr. Venture (along with The Monarch and Brock) have to team up when the Ducklings and the Venture Brothers when they turn into children mysteriously. Other characters may somehow show up (like Tritter or Dr. Girlfriend). Extra points if Tritter and Dr. Girlfriend are dating.

  123. House/Wilson, Brock/Mol - savemoony

  124. [Harry Potter/House] Cameron ships Harry/Hermione. Chase ships Ron/Hermione. Foreman ships Harry/Luna. Wilson ships Harry/Draco. Cuddy ships Draco/Hermione. There's a ship war. House watches, eats popcorn and is amused.

  125. House/Snape - savemoony

  126. [Literary/Media AU] House... done Anime-style! Otaku-Japanese, school-girl outfits, gratuitous violence and angst. Don't forget the mecha and clouds of feathers/rose petals!

  127. House/Wilson - sdragon

  128. [The Office (US)/House] One of Dunder-Mifflin's offensively-watermarked shipments of paper makes it to PPTH! Michael, Jim, Karen and Dwight go to Princeton and cause havoc in the hospital. Bonus points if Karen is jealous of Cameron. Extra bonus points if they end up having "girl talk" in a completely pointless chapter.

  129. TBA - sewingrose

  130. [Cast] Foreman, Chase, and Cameron are all dating (and screwing) each other, they also cover the skin right below thier, right sholder at all costs. Why do they do that Cuddy asks herself? Well they all have House's bitemarks there, signaling they belong to him. But does Cuddy know this? And how will she find out?

  131. TBA - sewingrose

  132. [Cast] Sumone steels House's ball!!! HOW FAR WILL HE GO 2 GET IT BACK?!!?

  133. TBA - sewingrose

  134. [Canon AU] Karaoke leads to love. Any pairing.

  135. House/Wilson - starlingthefool

  136. [Literary/Media AU] Film noir. Tough talk. Femme fatales. Dishy dames. Overuse of alliteration. Bad metaphors. Fedoras. Someone in a trenchcoat and just for fun have it NOT be House or Wilson. How about tough-guy Chase on the case?

  137. Cuddy/Cameron - starlingthefool

  138. [Vocational AU] House and his colleagues work for Google. Some miscreant has unleashed a deadly virus on teh interwebz and the team must track him down whilst simultaneously coding up a storm in an effort to neutralise it before it shuts down the entire web forever. Bonus points if Bill Gates ends up dead.

  139. House/Wilson - thedeadparrot

  140. [The Colbert Report/House] Only one doctor is badass enough to cure Stephen Colbert: Dr. Gregory House. Too bad House and Wilson are very out and about. How will Stephen deal? Or will their relationship force him to confront his own feels for Jon!?! [Note: Stephen Colbert refers to the fictional character, not the actor that portrays him.]

  141. House/Wilson - toolazytowork

  142. [Quantum Leap/House] Sam leaps into Wilson to prevent Wilson's fourth marriage from taking place, but House is starting to suspect something is up. What do Al and Ziggy have to say about this?

  143. House/Wilson, Sam/AI - toolazytowork

  144. [Cast] HOUSE, THE MUSICAL: (Once More, With Feeling Version) House: The Musical. Scrubs did it. Buffy did it. And we all know Wilson can swing-dance with the best of them.

  145. Chase/Cameron, House/Cuddy, Wilson/Cuddy - saraswathi

  146. [Mighty Morphing Power Rangers/House] The team are Power Rangers. (Bonus Points if Wilson is the pink one.)

  147. House/Wilson - windout

  148. [Bible AU] House is David. Tritter is Goliath

  149. Gen - windout


Tomororw is the so-called The June 1st Revolt. Will it be a true revolt? No. BUT WILL IT PRODUCE AWESOME FICS? YES! We fully support this endeavor. And if any of you are into flash-fics, or think you could churn something out tonight, might we suggest :

the following unclaimed prompts:

  • [Cast] Two words. SEX POLLEN.

  • [Cast] Sheep. Baaah. (and those that *get* this, win at life.)

  • [Cameron] Cameon rapes Wilson with a strap on. Aftermath. Drama. How does he cope? Will he tell his boyfriend...

  • [Chase] Chase is House and Wilson little sex slave

  • [Chase] Chase is actually House's son. How will they cope?????

  • [Chase] Chase never told anyone the real reason he left the seminary because of "bad" run-in with a priest. Dark!Fic, House/Chase, Hurt/Comfort, NC17

  • [Cuddy] Cuddy sells the ducklings into slavery to pay for House's Vicodin bill! Can he and Wilson rescue them from Vogler in time!?!

  • [House] Officer Tritter ass-rapes House and now he's pregnant. What to do? Will/Should he keep the baby?

  • [Fantasy/SciFi AU] AU!Fantasy/Medival Ages: Evil!Tempress Cameron falls in love wth House, but House and Wilson are happily living their "ever after". Cameron plots to bewitch House for her own, so she turns Wilson into a sheep. (Warnings: House/Cameron, non-con-bondage-magic, House/"sheep", and not a happy ending. Gold star if Cameron cooks Wilson and serves it to House. A+ if he eats it.)

  • [Historical AU] AU!1850s Down South. House/Foreman.

  • [Random AU] Summary: Roman Orgy! NC17 XXX!

Any other questions, drop a line. If not... I love all of you, and cannot wait for tomorrow!
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  • [Extension Date and Quickies]

    By general consensus (and a tyrannical tweak) the new deadline is: September 25, 8:59PM EST That's right. You have until the minute before the…

  • [Community Poll!]

    Tomorrow the “official” deadline, but I know a few of us have not finished our fics. *raises hand, totally guilty* Deadlines are…

  • [*Waves*]

    Quick Check-In Post! It has been quiet around here – no complainants, after all, I have not posted my fics yet either – but I do want to say that…