Easy To Amuse, Hard To Please (starlingthefool) wrote in betteronvicodin,
Easy To Amuse, Hard To Please

Title: Rush Down Darkness (complete)
Author: starlingthefool
Pairing: House/Wilson (mostly gen)
Genre: House MD/World War Z crossover
Rating: R
Warning: Zombies. Angst. Violence. House with a loaded gun. Not quite apocalyptic, but close.
Summary: ”I don’t know exactly when I realized that there were more walking corpses than living people”
Disclaimer: I own neither House nor the vast swarms of the undead from Max Brooks' world. Pity.
A/N: I know I know; I suck worse than gravity. This took me forever to finish. But here for you all is the complete story, posted in three parts.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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